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BDSM Lingerie Roleplay

Mistress Anastasia Pierce dresses her slave in a lingerie and punishes him with a whip in this BDSM flick Click here to watch this gallery

2 kinky mistresses bind their cute slave to a table

When you’re tied down tightly on a table and you’re absolutely nude, there’s no way you can’t be absolutely submissive to your mistresses! And that’s just how these two women love their slaves! That means that every inch of their body is theirs for whatever they want in these BDSM movs. And that also means that the best way to get their slave babe jumping is forced orgasms through their high powered vibrator. Just listen to her scream in ecstasy!

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Sexy slave babe gets spanked and whipped into submission

Since she hasn’t done anything bad lately to piss off her lady, this good slave is going to get rewarded today with a rough slapping and whipping. You may think it’s severe BDSM torture, but any attention from her mistress is wonderful to her! She bends over to receive every bit of it, as her cheeks are warmed up by her hand first. Then she gets the flogger out and smacks it against her skin, and even gets her cunt slapped and rubbed by her.

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Nasty coed gets her juicy butt smacked

What kind of stupid schoolgirl slave would be smoking in her mistresses’ dungeon? There’s no easy punishment for her indiscretions; it’s time for some extreme BDSM to teach her a lesson! Her teat is stretched beyond its limits when she places a huge rat trap on it and squishes it. But that’s not cruel enough for her. She needs to feel it in her ass, so she takes her skirt and panties off, and flogs and smacks her until she’s learned her lesson.

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Black bitchy mistress smacks full tits of her tied slave

This mistress likes to teach other girls about the fine art of BDSM, and she brings out one of her sexy blonde chicks with huge boobs to show her all about tit BDSM torture. Her hands are restrained behind her back to present her big breasts to her, as she runs her gloved hands all over them. She grabs a rope and binds them up tightly, pressing deep into the skin to make her boobs look even bigger, and make them feel more sensitive and sore to the touch.

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BDSM Mistress Victoria

Victoria Sinn restrains the neck and hands of her slave to a metal shackle in this nasty BDSM movie Click here to watch the movies

BDSM Cell Torture

BDSM Mistress Anastasia Pierce gets mean as she gets her slave bound and gagged in a cell while he gets caned Click here to watch this gallery

Two very ruthless bitches are torturing their slave-girl

Keeping a girl slave in line is sometimes a difficult task, so it’s a good thing these mistresses have each other to lend a helping hand to tame these whores. You can hear every smack against her butt cheeks in these BDSM clips, as they take turns dishing out some OTK discipline. They keep her balanced in their laps so her ass cheeks are presented ideally to their hands, and if she so much as flinches, she knows that she’s going to get it harder!

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Nasty mistress gives her slave a thorough paddle spanking

You know that this slave is completely submissive to her lady when she’s begging for her daily punishment. And this chick has a lot of places to torture in extreme BDSM action, particularly her booty and her lovely breasts! She takes the paddle out and bends her over on the couch, introducing it to her butt cheeks before grabbing some rope and running it over and under her breasts. The harder she binds them up, the more her slave lets her know she likes it.

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Redheaded slave babe gets roped by the wrists and spanked

It’s a good thing that this chick has her mouth gagged, because this redhead is trying hard to cry loud while she’s getting her daily dose of punishment from her torturous lady. Her ass is the first thing on the agenda in these BDSM videos, taking a rough whipping before she turns her around to focus on her breasts. Her teats are rock hard for her, as she licks them before fixing clothespegs to her tits to stretch out the skin.

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